How Can a TikTok Video Go Viral?


What does it take for a TikTok video to go viral? Check out 2 of my TikTok videos that reached over 100K and 500K and learn why!

TikTok is by far one of the most used apps worldwide and we can’t even begin to explain why. With over 1 billion users, currently available in 141 countries, and with an average session length of 10.85 minutes, you can easily understand how hard it is to show up on someone’s feed (aka FYP) – let alone go viral!

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However, there are thousands of people posting almost every day and their goal is absolutely to have fun, go viral, and earn a reputation.

But, TikTok is much more than an app.

TikTok is the place not only creators, but brands too, use daily and leverage it to earn a reputation, boost sales, elevate PR, and of course, enjoy.

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How did my videos get over 100K and 500K on TikTok?

I have posted tons of videos on TikTok, but none of them had the purpose of going viral. I’m on TikTok for fun, and if someone wants to follow my content for learning purposes, they’re welcome.

However, 2 of my TikTok videos have reached 160K and 522K views, respectively.

The first viral video that got me 522K views and over 50K likes, was something I wanted to delete as soon as I posted!

First Video (522K)

  • It was funny
  • Original idea
  • It was relatable to every person

The bottom line is: People love creative videos especially when it’s about their everyday life. And, sharing content that people relate to, is a tricky but important element of your TikTok!

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Second Video (160K)

  • Reply to comment on a previous video! Key to cross-promoting your videos easily.
  • The voice-over was on point and no crumb was left!
  • I voice-covered an interesting summer one-day trip during peak season! People loved the idea and suggestion to spend a day in Corfu, Greece!

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How to Help Your Videos Go Viral on TikTok?

  • Be authentic! Always share original content and promote uniqueness, if you want to stand out.
  • Collaborate with UGC content creators! People trust people! Click here for a quick guide to UGC Marketing.
  • SEO. SEO. SEO – Take GOOD care of what you write in the caption and in the video!
  • Follow Trends. You can also go viral by following trends. Everyone loves seeing their favorite brand or creator jump into a famous and fun trend!

Tools that will help your TikTok account:


Schedule ALL your TikTok videos in advance! Save time and stay organized by always being aware of trends and what’s happening.

Wave Video

Design beautiful TikTok videos using impressive fonts and animations! Make them wonder where you got that brand style.


Save TikTok videos without a watermark. This is an amazing strategy if you want to cross-promote your TikTok efforts on Pinterest and Instagram, without upsetting their algorithm.

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Amazing video editing tool that will transform your TikTok videos into professional-looking!


Needless to mention Canva’s incredible tools that can elevate your video-editing efforts.

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