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Pinning is Winning!

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Let’s unlock the power of Pinterest to elevate your online presence and boost your business. Pinterest is a goldmine of opportunities to drive traffic, increase brand visibility, and engage with your target audience.

As an SEO Copywriter expert, I know the secrets to leverage Pinterest’s immense potential.

I’ll guide you on developing a cohesive brand identity, curating boards that resonate with your audience, and utilizing Pinterest’s influential community to drive conversions.

Let’s unlock the power of Pinterest as a key driver of your online success.

Pinterest Content Creation & Management

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a golden social network with great opportunities for every entrepreneur, small business owner, freelancer, agency, content creator, etc.

Pins’ content lifespan lasts for years! By customized management and thorough keyword research to enhance the SEO efforts, you will see results in no time.

But, is there a catch? Yes, there is. Consistency.

Pinterest Marketing Services - Josei Life

Okay! But, why us?


We love humanizing the online presence by sharing trustworthy and branded content only!


Attention to detail; SEO-friendly content; keyword & trend research; etc.


We guarantee long-term results by driving targeted audience towards the profile & website.


Get monthly traffic and demographic analytics to leverage your small business strategies.

Pinterest Changed my Life!

I am a person with lots of passions: Content Writing, Travel, and Wellbeing.

As soon as I heard about the potential that Pinterest beholds, I got into learning everything about how to use it properly. I just knew that Pinterest was a non-judgemental social to express and showcase thoughts, services, and products.

Josei, the Creative Online Content Marketing Agency, is not alone. It walks along with 2 e-commerce stores that promote Travel and Wellbeing. All 3 of these brands have grown incredibly fast with the help of Pinterest and its powerful content lifespan. Pinterest is my favorite social media to convert clicks into customers, drive huge traffic across websites, and increase brand awareness.

So, Pinterest is not just a pretty social. It’s a gold mine! That’s why I got the necessary certifications and I am ready to help others grow!

Pick Your Desired Service
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  4. Sit Back Tight!

Audit + Strategy

$ 190 /One-Time
  • Branding
  • Performance
  • SEO
  • Strategy
  • PRO Tips

Full Management

minimum 6-month commitment
$ 630 /Month
  • Audit + Strategy
  • 30-Minute Meetings
  • 310 Pins + Captions
  • Catalogue + Product Tagging
  • Community Management

Do you want to

Full Pinterest Marketing Guide (Audit + Content Creation + Scheduling)

Pinterest Rich Pins + Catalogues

Learn how to do market/keyword/competitor research.

20+ Ways to find new customers.

Create and nurture a personal branding and market yourself.


Most frequent questions and answers

I will provide at least three methods of communication: email, phone number, and all my social media profiles, so you can reach out to me whenever you want! I always make sure to respond as fast as possible.

If you want us to have a quick meeting, I will share a link where you can book as many calls with me as you want based on our availability.

Yes! If you pick the Pinterest Content Creation & Management service, I will take over your Pinterest profile and handle the business profile set up, social media content creation and posting, analytics, content audit, catalogue, product tagging, and much more!

First, we get to meet each other and share experiences, and talk more about your business needs in a quick 30-minute call. Then, I send you a detailed proposal with the formalized services I will deliver throughout the collaboration, which you can sign online.

After I receive the e-signed proposal, I will send you the final contract (starting at six months), along with the invoice that must be paid upfront.

Finally, as soon as I receive those, I start working towards your goals! 

Got a question? Feel free to reach out!


MON-SUN With love from Tirana and Madrid!

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