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Digital Marketing Services

SWOT Analysis

We identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, enabling tailored strategies for success.

Web Design & Development

We create visually captivating and functionally websites for you, ensuring a strong online presence and optimal UX.

SEO Copywriting

We excel in SEO copywriting, crafting compelling and optimized content that boosts your online visibility and drives meaningful engagement.

Social Media Marketing

We tailor strategic campaigns that amplify your brand's presence, engagement, and ultimately, growth in the digital realm.

Content Creation & Writing

We produce captivating and impactful material that resonates with audiences and achieves your objectives.

Audits & Research

We conduct comprehensive audits and research, providing you with valuable insights and data-driven strategies to optimize operations and achieve goals.

Email Marketing

We craft engaging campaigns that effectively reach and convert target audiences through smart CTAs, driving your business growth.

1:1 Training

Learn how to create: proposals; craft engaging social media posts; master digital tools; rank high on Google; conduct audits; etc.

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Travel UGC

Landing page | K: travel ugc

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Find UGC Jobs

Article | K: ugc jobs

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Schedule From RSS Feeds

Blog | K: rss scheduler

SWOT Analysis


Understand and leverage internal strengths to form a strategic foundation for the brand’s success.


Stay aware of weaknesses to enable targeted improvements, and enhance the brand’s overall performance.


Identify external opportunities to guide the brand toward optimal growth, innovation, and diversification.


Address external threats with tactical approach to safeguard the brand’s resilience and market position.

Web Designs/Content with Premium Brands

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xheko imperial luxury hotel and spa - josei life project

Xheko Imperial Luxury Hotel & Spa

Structure & Full Content​

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11 landing pages

Clients & Collaborations

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Depending on our conversation, the service, and agreement, we'll start delivering the work.

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"We've been working with Xhesika for one year and we are really happy and grateful for her dedication, professionalism and creativity. She is managing all social media, creating great content, and writing beautiful articles for the blog. Highly recommended."
Altin B. - Owner Of Veontime And Ectabyte (Italy)​
"Xhesika worked very fast for my project! She also did extra work for me when I did not ask! She is certainly highly recommended."
Alexandros Z. (Greece)
People Per Hour
During the past 2 years and a half, Xhesika has made a tremendous contribution to making Publer have a real presence on social media, email communications, and the blog/web, she has helped us shape and tests new features, and most importantly, Xhesika was my right arm during the very successful AppSumo launches that helped us become who we are today.
Ervin K. - CEO of Publer & KIBO (Albania)

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