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What is Travel UGC?

Travel UGC (User-Generated Content) is one of the most interesting and useful ways of promoting travel itineraries, accommodations (hotels & apartments), tips, and guides for a safe and smooth experience – by real people.

Once a creator builds credibility online, people will follow and stay loyal to everything the creator suggests.

Collaboration Methods

Free Stay

In exchange for a free stay at your Hotel/Apartment, I will create 2 authentic videos to share on my personal social media accounts, write a unique blog post about my stay, answer any questions in the comments/messages, and add photos to my online portfolio.

Paid Collab

Except for original and authentic videos across my socials, blog posts, Q/As, and portfolio, I will create 30 Pins directing straight to your website, and also, I will create unique content for you to use on your socials as organic and/or promoted content.

What to expect from our collaboration

Effective marketing doesn’t need to be noisy. Build social proof, generate evergreen experiences, and grow organically. That’s the power of a Travel UGC Content Creator.

Our phone hasn't stopped ringing ever since your posts went viral. Thank you!
Rea Boutique Hotel
Time goes by quickly! I'm here to book your hotel, create some content, and help you build awareness and trust.


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Frequently Asked Questions by Customers
  1. We will meet online and discuss all ideas, rates, usage rights, etc.
  2. Finalize and sign the contract online.
  3. I will visit the Hotel/Apartment, stay the night, & create some content.
  4. (Paid Collab) I will deliver the edited final content for you to use. (Free Stay) I will share links to everything I have shared on my personal socials/website for you to repost.

If you are interested in a Free-Stay collaboration with me as a Travel UGC Content Creator, you agree to accept me to stay 1+ nights and create 50+ photos, videos, and articles so you can build trust and spread the word about your amazing place. I will share videos across my socials and add image to my portfolio.

On the other hand, a Paid-Collab, except for all of the above, will give you a handful of photos and videos to use across your own socials or *ads.

I can create voice-over videos and write articles in 3 languages: Albanian (Native), English (Fluent), and Spanish (Fluent).

It will take me up to three business days to edit the content and deliver it via email. I usually accept one revision if you want other changes to a photo, video, or article.

Depending on our call before the official collaboration, both parties will sign a contract that includes all fees, usage rights, rates, dates, etc. So, yes, you can use my content for advertisement as long as both parties have agreed.

I am present on almost every social media: PinterestTikTokLinkedIn,

Twitter, and Instagram.

Also, I have a dedicated email for all inquiries and support: xhesika@josei.life

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