9 Upselling Techniques To Increase Sales


Learn about upselling techniques that can help increase sales. What is cross-selling? Tips and stats you need to know.

If you have a small business or are planning on starting one, you need to know many sales and upselling techniques that can make your job easier and help you earn money faster.

Marketers and small business owners are finding incredible ways to leverage to bring more people to their websites. But, other than the social media posts, references, and shout-outs, you need to develop skills in selling and upselling!

What is Upselling?

You’ve probably seen numerous times suggested products to purchase right when you want to buy something. Upselling is a unique sales and marketing technique that aims to convince the buyer to get a better product.

Upselling is a great solution for the buyer as they can purchase an add-on and upgraded product. Also, it’s optimal for a shop/brand because it tends to sell something (or many things at once) and earn more.

A few stats to warm up:

  • Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.
  • Upsells are 68% more affordable than acquiring a brand-new customer.

Upselling Techniques vs. Cross-Selling

People usually confuse upselling and cross-selling. Although they’re both brilliant strategies to apply to your marketing, you need to know the difference between them!

Upselling is the technique of selling an upgraded version of a product. While cross-selling is the technique of selling other products along with the one the buyer is currently seeing/buying.

Upselling Example:

Let’s suppose you’re offering the October Calendar for $2.

As soon as someone is about to make a purchase, you can suggest the whole year’s calendar for $9!

This way, the buyer can rethink their choice and pick one of the products: one month only or the entire year for such a great deal!

Cross-Selling Example:

Let’s suppose you’re selling yoga mats for $49.

As soon as someone is about to make a purchase, you can suggest the pilates elastic ropes or a bouncy ball (which usually costs $14) for a minimalist price of $9 IF they pick it along with the yoga mat.

Here you go! You’ve now sold both products and made a better profit!

Here are 9 Upselling Techniques To Increase Sales:

Improve your Copywriting Skills

The power of content is endless. Content really is the king of sales. The faster you grab attention, the better it is.

Copywriting consists of short, problem-solving, and empathic content that can easily attract customers.

People can’t subscribe to your newsletter if you sound cliche. People will never buy from you if you’re not solving a problem.

But, here’s a tip: If you know your clients, everything will come naturally to you!

  • The actions on your request can increase from 60% to 94% by including the word “because.”
  • You get 36% more responses to a copy that is understandable to third-graders.
  • 8 out of 10 visitors will only read the headline of a page or article.

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Create Urgency but Don’t Be too Pushy

Urgency is like an aphrodisiac. Imagine you can have a content creation journal for December for only $9!

But, you don’t have much time left till then. December is only a couple of months away. Now’s the time to show up and provide an offer so they can grab and enjoy!

People, including me, have FOMO (fear of missing out). And that applies to these one-time/seasonal offers too. Your deal is so good they can’t afford to miss out!
Keep in mind that people can get easily bothered by invasive pop-ups and annoying visuals! The more minimalistic, the better.

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Offer Bundles

What’s better than the one-month worth of social media content? An entire year!

Bundles are the best products combined and offered at a great price! They’re valuable ways to increase sales on not only one but multiple products.

Think of bundles as grouped products that are all related and worth purchasing at one go: make-up brushes + lipsticks + foundation or T-shirt + hat + sunglasses. The combinations are infinite.

Pick What You Want to Upsell Carefully

Not every product on your website is worth upselling.

And this is something you need to understand and deal with! If you want to suggest a better product but has no logical relation to the one the customer is about to purchase, you better not show it at all.


If you’re offering a 1-month LinkedIn Content Calendar, you can’t upsell your 2-month Telegram Content Calendar – it just doesn’t make sense.

Apply Upselling on the ‘Thank You’ Page

Once the customer has purchased a product and is now happy, you can suggest other related products that make sense to you and them.
A customer who just made a purchase means only one thing: they have reviewed your product, and that is why they’re buying it. Now’s the best time for you to bring up the A-game and suggest other incredible products for them!

Free Shipping and Multiple Choices

There’s nothing more attractive for someone who wants to buy online than reading: FREE SHIPPING.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the shipping is free, though. Multiple businesses include the shipping costs into the products’ so they can show them for free.

Another alternative to increasing sales is to offer free shipping on a predetermined amount. Example: Order up to $49 and Get FREE Shipping. This is how many people tend to reach this amount just so they can get the free shipping.

Add Recommendations and UGC

My mantra is: People trust people.

People review every feedback before making a purchase, regardless of the price. Even if the product’s cost is $0.5 – people need to know if a product is worth pulling the wallet out!

Stats to keep in mind:

  • Implementing social proof such as recent customer activity can boost conversions by up to 15%.
  • 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.

It is crucial to show testimonials, UGC content, and real-time stats – if you want to convince your customers to make a better and bigger purchase.

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Upselling Techniques on What’s Really Worth it. Not What’s Not Getting Sales

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Don’t forget about Down-Selling!

It’s totally okay to provide other deals & one-time offers that can bring you less profit. That is an incredible way to show support to your website visitors and claim that you never intend on earning more than you want them to be happy with what they’re purchasing.

Not everyone can afford to buy what you sell. And if you have a more affordable alternative, show it!

Something to keep in mind if you want to master your down-selling technique: value > price!

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