Small Business Ideas To Start in 2023


Small Business Ideas To Start in 2023. How Does Someone Come Up With a Business Idea? Stats You Need to Know. How to Conduct Keyword Research? Small Business Ideas to Start in 2023. 6 small business ideas for Spring 2023.

There are several small businesses around your city, whether they operate online or have a physical store. And most of them are niche-specific, already have a client base, and are getting noticed on social media day by day.

2023 is just around the corner, and as much as you think you have plenty of time, you better stay prepared.

To my curiosity, many people are already searching about these keywords on Pinterest: spring 2023 fashion trends, spring 2023 color trends, spring 2023 ready to wear, spring 2023 trends, etc.

Also, while we’re on this, check out what Google Trends shows when you search for ‘spring 2023’:

It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

But, How Does Someone Come Up With a Business Idea?

If you want to start a new business on the side of your full-time job and work towards becoming a full-time solopreneur, you need to take a few important steps.

  1. Find your passion. Every business starts with a simple idea and a niche-specific category. If you love skincare, you need to build up your business ideas, provide information and help other people who need that.
  2. Conduct market research. Define your target audience, competitors, the best ways to promote your business, etc.
  3. Use the best tools to initiate your business. When I say tools, I mean the best digital tools and websites people are talking about all over the internet, especially TikTok. People tend to share incredible hacks there!
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A Few Stats You Need to Know Before Starting a Small Business

  • More than 1.5 million jobs are created by small businesses every year.
  • 50% of small businesses are run from homes.
  • 46% Of US small businesses don’t have a website.
  • There are 31.7 million small businesses.
  • The forecasted Business services industry value in 2025 is $2.41B.
  • 29% of small business owners are motivated by flexibility.
  • 55% of people started a business to become their own boss.
  • Small businesses with no employees average $46,978 in annual revenue.
  • 84% Of Entrepreneurs are working overtime.

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How to Conduct Keyword Research?

Small business ideas start with quick keyword research. It is the process of finding valuable topics and queries that people type across search engines and social networks.

It is a very crucial part of a small business because it helps find people’s wants and needs.

To do basic keyword research, you can use free digital tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, Pinterest/TikTok search bars, etc. You will not only find the exact keywords you are looking for and their reports but related terms, too. For example, when you search natural flowers, some tools might suggest you take your research a little further by adding the word ‘bouquet’ – because people are searching for that!

You need to be aware of your niche before starting your keyword research. That’s because it helps you save a huge amount of time.

The elements you should pay attention to more are Search volume (how many times a keyword gets searched); Traffic (how many people you might attract organically); KD, or Keyword Difficulty (how difficult it is to rank if you use that keyword); etc.

The process of ranking high and doing thorough keyword research might take weeks! Keep in mind that you should not expect magical results if you’re not consistently working on analyzing and properly using relevant keywords.

Small Business Ideas to Start in 2023

People are interested in becoming solopreneurs more than I thought.

The idea of freedom and financial independence and security is shaped perfectly into many people’s minds. And, I am here to see everybody win in their way!

So, here are 6 small business ideas for Spring 2023:

UGC Content Creator

UGC, or User-Generated Content, is the content produced by a creator about your product/brand. There are multiple UGC types: articles, videos, photos, status updates, etc.

The beauty of being a full-time UGC content creator is that you can pick any niche you’re passionate about, reach out to huge brands, get free stuff, or get paid in exchange for photos and videos using/mentioning the product/brand. Here are 8 platforms to use if you want to find UGC jobs.

Although it might sound too good to be true, UGC is actually a billion-dollar industry and you don’t even need to work full-time. All you need is to have your portfolio, preferably a website, and branded email where brands can reach out to you, and stay consistent!

I would highly recommend you use a proper tool to keep all social profiles and websites centralized, like Linktree.

Check out my Linktree profile.

Learn more about UGC: Quick Guide to UGC Marketing (+Stats)


Dropshipping is a smart strategy to make lots of money while selling products you don’t even have to keep stock for.

New articles about dropshipping will be coming soon, but, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me today.

Although it sounds too good to be true, there are thousands of Gen-Z people who have mastered their UGC collaborations, already have loyalty programs, and are building several other stores on the side.

Online Training and Consultation

If you are good at something, offer some online training. People crave skills and you might be such a huge help to a young person.

As a Pinterest marketer, I am already providing 2-hour training on how to master Pinterest. Feel free to book your session!

Start a DIY

Countless small businesses generate a fortune by creating and selling handmade goods. Sweets, jewelry, arts, digital work, etc. – are all part of the DIY industry, and if you’re a craftsperson, you need to turn it into a profitable service.

Delivery Services

Thousands of people got used to getting stuff delivered to their homes, probably because of the pandemic. While there is a lot of competition, think of something special that you might strategize into a profitable small business with minimal investment – whether you’re thinking of medical supplies, groceries, or other goods.


Whoever thinks that blogging is a dead end is wrong. Blogging is a powerful way to turn your passion for writing into a business – using the affiliate programs related to your desired niche.

Here are a few brands for you to join as an affiliate marketer: Publer, Shopify, Canva, AppSumo, etc.

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Social Media Predictions You Might Need to Empower Your Small Business Ideas:

When it comes to new trends, we know that multiple sounds and shoppable items will become trends.

But what will happen with social media and its development? Will Facebook shut down for good? Will Twitter become a meme social network where everyone writes stuff about Elon, and then logs out?

Jokes aside, social networks will change, and we’re here for it! Why? Because I love what’s supposed to come in 2023.


Instagram is experimenting with an incredible feature: in-stream commerce. The live shopping tools will allow everyone joining a Live video of their favorite creators to purchase stuff with a click! I remember talking about this in meetings about one year ago.

And honestly, I like the idea! Make use of every second!


Musk, on the other side, is planning on putting a fee to twee-t. Of course, the blue tick verification fee of $8/month doesn’t count. That’s a 2022 thing now.

However, one thing I like, especially from the bad experience everyone has had at least once on TikTok, Musk wants to add a gray tick to every verified account. I live for that! Bots and fake profiles are so 2010.


Pinterest is working harder towards making ads international!

Local advertising could highly benefit small businesses. Also, just like other rich pins: recipes, articles, products, and apps, Pinterest is working on AR product Rich Pins that will help you make purchases: furniture, makeup, clothes, etc., and pick the correct sizes!

Learn more about Rich Pins on Pinterest, how to set it up and how you can organically boost sales.


LinkedIn is making more efforts to advance its video tools for professionals and businesses to meet and engage virtually.

As Pinterest, LinkedIn might bring LinkedIn TV and offer a new space for creators to express thoughts, organize meetings, and deliver important messages.

For more small business ideas, feel free to contact me.

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