9 Effective Ways to Grow Sales Organically


What is Organic Growth? Why is it Important? Organic vs Paid Growth. 9 Effective Ways to Grow Sales Organically

It’s no surprise that nowadays most people have an online store and are trying to improve their organic sales growth in one way or another. Although going viral isn’t just a random thought and wish, but rather a goal, is it easy? No. Is it possible? Absolutely!

Every marketing leader knows that the key to growing a healthy small business is to keep posting and engaging, organically.

Don’t get me wrong. Paid posts are great as long as you have the right expertise to promote, target, and write thumb-stopping copies.

Almost everyone who has gone viral with one or more of their social media posts has wished they added a link to click on and make some money. So, let’s keep that in mind for next time.

And remember, you never know when you go viral, so if your small business is on social media, make it creative enough to boost sales!

Long-term goals equals long-term solutions.

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What is Organic Growth?

Organic growth is the popularity, engagement, and tactic a brand or person uses to boost visibility/sales without spending any money!

Once you set your mind to building a long-term business, you crave good content and support from people as it’s crucial to grow fast.

To many, success is something that happens to people who have years working or fate. To some others, success is having customers who interact with what you share and spread the word about you. People influence people. This can’t still be new to you.

According to socialpilot.co:

  • A Facebook Page post’s typical organic reach is 5.2%.
  • Interaction with organic Pinterest shopping pins has increased by 44%.
  • 99.63% of LinkedIn search traffic comes from organic search.

Also, according to lumar.io, organic search offers higher click-through rates than paid search ads (27.6% CTR for organic vs. 3.17% CTR for paid).

Why is it Important to Grow Organically?

The right online strategy will bring the best results. Growing organically means you aim for a loyal customer base that will empower and inspire you to keep going.

Growing organically also eases progress monitoring. You know what works best and what you need to focus on more so that you attract new clients consistently.

There’s a Disadvantage, Isn’t There?

Unfortunately, yes! Organic sales growth comes slowly and the success rate might be very low. Organic growth means you should always be there and able to retain your current customers/followers by nurturing them with the right information.

Also, the algorithm doesn’t always stay on your side, so pull up your sleeves and get into work!

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9 Effective Ways to Grow Sales Organically

Improve Your Personal Branding

The power you hold in yourself is endless. You are the best PR for your own business if you care about staying consistent, posting great information, and showing up!

Personal branding is the discovery and the correct usage of your own image across different mediums to promote your business/services.

And it’s quite easy to start/improve your personal branding.

Pick the Right Platforms

Not every social media platform is the right one for your brand. I will never stop saying this.

The desired results are not limited to the mediums you pick to promote, but to how you choose to promote. Your marketing goals, resources, target audience, etc. should align with the right social platform. TikTok is great for short-form videos that educate, entertain and show your humanized side. Instagram is perfect for virtual and physical shops to attract and build a community. Pinterest on the other hand is the right social to inspire and boost sales organically, as well as make your content live long.

However, the audiences and their behaviors are different!

There are over 445 million Pinterest users, but 85% of them use the platform on the mobile app, less than 30% are male, and 97% of top Pinterest searches are unbranded. – Source: The Social Shepherd

There are more male users than females on Instagram and the average engagement rate is 0.54%. – Source: Hootsuite

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Encourage User-Generated Content

UGC (User-Generated Content) is a smart content marketing strategy to build a reputation, improve trustworthiness, and blow up sales.

It helps build social proof, save money, save time with content creation, and reach a diverse community. Almost all brands are using UGC as a fast way to reach their goals this way, they receive honest reviews.

Here’s a Quick Guide to UGC Marketing.

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Quality > Quantity

Practice Upselling & Down-selling

Stay Consistent & Be Creative

Set Realistic Goals

We all want to go viral, sell thousands of products per day, and make some well-deserved money on the spot. Goals, right?

But, let’s be fair. Success isn’t always up to us. Even the most famous marketing method, S.M.A.R.T., suggests you set achievable objectives that have a target purpose and date.

Setting realistic goals means you have the ability to not disappoint yourself and aspire to adapt.

I’m not suggesting you don’t have dreams. I’m suggesting you stay positive and plan accordingly.

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Organic Sales Growth starts with Pinterest

Achieving long-term results is easy if you use social media correctly. Using authentic voice, checking on analytics continuously, and posting every day.

Among all the social networks that I can recommend to help your content last longer and raise brand awareness in the most organic way possible, I picked Pinterest.

A mix of both social networks and search engines, Pinterest is here to win!

Reward Yourself

Yeah, what does that even have to do with organic growth? Let me show you my point of view.

Someone who creates and delivers consistently will be successful. Once you’re successful and optimistic, you treat yourself better, go out, and have fun.

While doing that, you can record your day and share some moments on social media. People love seeing the humanized version of a hard-working person who doesn’t think of selling others something.

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