7 Digital Marketing Myths that can affect your Brand in 2022


There are tons of Digital Marketing Myths that need to be busted, before affecting a small and successful brand.

Digital marketing is among the industries that change almost every day. Yet, there are multiple things that people still think don’t change and are absolute taboo.

I’ve been in this industry for over 8 years and being so, I’ve seen everything transform. As much happiness as it brings me to think that everything has advanced and life in social media is so easy nowadays, I feel like many people are confused.

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Here’s a list of 7 Digital Marketing Myths that can seriously affect the future of your brand:

You shouldn’t hire young digital marketers

7 Marketing Myths that can affect your Brand in 2022 - You shouldn't hire young digital marketers - Josei Life Creative Agency
Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

An experienced digital marketer is an absolute gift. Of course, they have all the information you need and you see them as a safety net for the future of your business. Besides every advantage that you can think of, they will cost you more and save you tons of time.

Most digital marketers have the right information about the best tools to use to check post-performance, deliver the right analytics, suggest really impressive updates, etc.

But, young digital marketers are somehow what I love to call: the benefit of the new.

Young digital marketing strategists, and I’m talking about the late Gen-Z, are creative and will help shape another visibility for your brand.

I’m talking about the generation that is born and raised using smartphones and has all the information they need to succeed. It’s amazing how sometimes, the new becomes the must.

Gen-Z isn’t keen on keeping an eye on competitors. They love experiencing new ideas while they report everything in real-time. That’s the perfect generation to trust with the future of your brand, regardless of your niche. Gen-Z is the generation that has watched so many versions of what you might have never seen before, and they know what to avoid. They know how the audience will respond to a specific campaign.

It’s okay to delete/avoid negative comments

Let’s talk more about this scenario: someone comments on your latest Instagram post that your service didn’t help them at all, and they’re looking out for another competitor of yours.

Of course, you don’t like it at all. The first thoughts you have are a flush of bad feelings and the temptation to delete the comment so others don’t get suspicious.

Deleting (or ignoring) that comment may trigger the person who commented, to screenshot your reaction and share it with their audience. Regardless of the number of followers they have, your reaction will always be documented as a pure ignoration.

That doesn’t help you or your brand in any way whatsoever.

What you can do in these situations, is to personalize your response in the comments and calmly ask to give more information. What would absolutely be a turntable is the transfer of this conversation to a more private space, such as email, Messenger, or any other messaging option.

Clients aren’t your friends, nor do they deserve to be. Because what happens in business, should stay in business.

What would best leverage your brand’s image is to talk about what’s going on and even though the client might still leave, at least they’d appreciate your communication?

If you need to keep track of all comments across socials, I highly recommend a FREE (forever) scheduling tool: Publer. (I’ve attached my affiliate link to that)

Macro influencers are better than micro influencers

Macro-influencers are the ones who have 100K+ followers, while micro-influencers have 10K-100K.

Besides this huge difference, macro-influencers have higher payment rates, a wider audience, and aren’t always as authentic as you’d wish.

Micro-influencers on the other hand, are usually niche-focused, have a better customer relationship, have a higher engagement rate via messages/comments, and their audience trusts them more.

Another amazing difference between macro and micro-influencers is that macro-influencers will promote a brand/product/service mostly because they’re being paid. While micro-influencers want to build trust and never let down their customers. They even try things on and honestly review everything.

Alt text isn’t important

Alt text (or alternative text) is the short text we add for visually impaired people through screen readers. They should be concise, up to 125 characters, and of course, no decorative descriptions should be used.

Alt-text is the text that appears when visual content isn’t properly loading due to a poor internet connection. They’re one of the best strategies to help make your content/visuals SEO-friendly and allow search engines to scrape your posts better.

They can be found in multiple places, such as websites and social media.

Email marketing is old-fashioned

I’m seriously laughing as I write this exact section. Emails might become boring when delivered too often. And there’s always a chance you’re considered spam or simply receive unsubscription emails.

Emails are an important and direct form of contacting your customers. People who subscribe really want to know when the next update/sale is coming up, therefore they’ll absolutely open and take some action towards the email.

What makes the difference between a low open rate and a high one, is the content strategy. I’ve been writing email marketing content for quite some time. I’ve received so many replies that actually made my day!

I’m not the sarcastic girl who triggers people to feel a lot of things at the same time. That’s not my digital marketing strategy! For example, if I ever receive ironic content through an email, I automatically unsubscribe. I hate that kind of talk on my channels and they never work for the better on my mental health.

I remember one time when I received an email that literally contained the sentence: ‘Oh, you’re not replying. You’re playing hard to get!’

I got deeply and seriously offended, as I’m not the type of person that tolerates just anybody talking to me in that way!

What I’d highly recommend is to put yourself in the receiver’s place. You’re notifying others about a big sale. Being cliche and telling them: BIG SALE – honestly won’t be easy to work.

I usually follow trends or put some thoughts into them and I always go the extra mile.

I remember an email marketing campaign content where I practically wrote: ‘Enjoy the rest of the month. Not me eating ice cream, because who has time for the National Day of Ice-Cream, anyway?’

The longer the caption, the better

People don’t have the attention span we wish for when we start a new business. Once you start writing long texts on Instagram, there’s not a single person who’s going to read it all. That’s unless it’s about some giveaway rules, a story that deeply affects them, or it’s an important global update.

Tip: Use Grammarly to correct the grammar. This life-saving tool will help boost your digital marketing efforts.

TikTok is a new social network and isn’t worth it.

I’m still not fully convinced. I read such comments and heard tons of ugly things regarding TikTok.

TikTok is a new social network that has changed the way every single person in the world represents himself.

It’s interesting how a social network can get you out of bed because of a nice and special idea you had. And your short TikTok might even get viral.

Earning the audience and some fans on TikTok is absolutely not that easy, but yet, it’s not impossible.

I’ve personally experienced some ups and downs on TikTok myself. I’ve shared some qualitative videos about social media, email marketing, Instagram marketing, Alt text, and how to boost the eCommerce efforts online – and I’ve seen both sides of the audience: the bitter and the fans.

Did you know that Publer allows you to schedule TikToks in advance?

TikTok helps you get attention and boost traffic on your website, earning some cash through affiliate marketing. It also helps promote a product, and some people have also become influencers.

If done correctly, TikTok is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools there is. Reasons? I got them!

TikTok spreads the information fast. Although the algorithm is still hard to get, you can always target the ones you want using the correct hashtags and trending sounds. I’ve seen TikTok profiles blow up since day 1. That’s because there are actually very creative people out there who know how to display a product/service or tell a story.