Quick Guide to UGC Marketing (+Stats)


Understand the definition and importance of UGC content marketing for your business.

UGC (User-Generated Content) is a smart content marketing strategy to build a reputation, improve trustworthiness, and blow up sales.

Although it might not always be that obvious and actually come up naturally on your feed, you have seen UGC everywhere on the internet!

Whether someone is putting on some sunscreen, cooking with a specific ingredient, or showing around an apartment from Booking/AirBnB, that’s UGC.

There are multiple types of UGC. Just to name a few: images, videos, live streams, emails, blog posts, tweets, Telegram messages, etc.

And if you’re trying to fit into this market, there are a few things to know beforehand.

Top Benefits You Can Get Out of UGC Content Marketing:

  • Build social proof

Social media is the place we all go to find out news, pass the time by watching fun content, interact with friends/customers, etc.

‘If it is on social media, then it must be true.’ – this is what people think when they open any app.

People trust people. Especially when they have a favorite creator they follow every day. Everyone with an audience can showcase and promote their favorite product in their original way. Whether they talk about it; incorporate it naturally throughout their video; write an entire blog article; etc.

  • Save money

Brands all over the world use UGC as leverage when it comes to advertising their services or products.

Instead of paid ads and expensive influencers, brands might give away free stuff to creators across social in exchange for video/photo/blog content.

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  • Save time with content creating

As I mentioned above, other people (your customers, the ones who tried your service/product, or the creators you’ve decided to work with) can create the content for you.

When someone shares content about your brand, you can reshare or repurpose it across your favorite mediums: put it on the website, share it as a YouTube video, share it as social media posts/Stories, send a message on Telegram, etc.

Trick: Find what’s trending and use that! Click here to learn.

  • Reach a diverse community

Brands and creators have diverse communities that follow them and their progress. Sharing content across different channels can easily reach different nationalities, ages, and genders.

Tip: Use content repurposing to reach more people easily.

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How do Brands use UGC?

The most effective way for brands to build confidence is to use UGC and use it correctly.

People you work with can help you improve your visibility and service. While it takes big responsibility to create content, brands can help guide the instructions to a beautiful result. Brand marketing teams might want to jump on a hot TikTok trend, prepare for a podcast, or build a website.

But, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

If you give away free stuff to creators, you need to expect any kind of feedback. For example, you own a skincare brand, are about to launch a new product, and contact a creator to give them the product for free to try it out and create a post about it on social media.

  • Be aware that you can’t ‘force’ someone to like/love the product. They might be allergic to some ingredients thus you need to discuss everything beforehand.
  • They might not be the proper fit for your niche.

    Make it easier!

    Take the time to understand what you want from a collaboration. Include all your thoughts on a contract and share them with the creators beforehand. The contract must include the idea/vision for the final results, the payment, notices, keywords, and any other kind of definition that results in happy collaboration.

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Tips To Keep in Mind

  • Decide a niche and stick to it.
  • Always ask for permission and credit the brands’ products you’re using.
  • Stay consistent.

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UGC Statistics in 2022

  • 92% of consumers worldwide say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.
  • The global UGC market is $3.58B.
  • 66% of brands have increased their budgets for creator campaigns.
  • Millennials contribute over 70% of all UGC.
  • 95% of marketers report that personalized emails have improved their email open rates.
  • UGC posts shared to social channels see a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts.
  • Visitors to websites that include UGC galleries spend 90% more time on the site.

According to consumeracquisition.com, top UGC advertising creative trends are testimonials, POVs, social connections, tips & quizzes, picture-in-picture videos, and commentary.

All stats above have their respective source of information attached.

Top Tools to Stand Out if You’re a UGC Creator

Big Cartel – Create a FREE online store to add your UGC content efforts (up to 5 videos for free – check out their paid plans for more).

Publer – Share and repurpose your UGC efforts across all social media channels for FREE.

Telegram – Share real-time content by personalizing your recommendation and boosting trust, for FREE.

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People trust people. Try to avoid any doubts and take care of your reputation.

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