AI Content Replacing Human Creativity


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Humans are using AI generative text tools to produce large content for multiple purposes. This article serves to develop a better understanding of the impact of these content generator tools, by comparing them with the creativity of human writing. There are many free artificial content generator tools, which we will discuss and list the positive aspects along with their drawbacks.

Before exploring a list of these software, it would be necessary to understand artificial intelligence and its role in producing content. According to Jain & Aggarwal (2020), AI is a technology that makes computer systems or other devices as smart as human beings, possessing also the ability to carry out tasks comparable to those done by the human brain.

Therefore, down below we have mentioned the harms of using these intelligent tools. Which, by the way, are widely being used to generate rapid information for many industries.

Let’s explore the differences resulting from these two important themes (AI Content Replacing Human).

AI Content Replacing Human: Harms of Using AI Content Generator Software

The conventional methods of creating, producing, and distributing large amounts of content seem to be completely disrupted by the latest tools. The most interested parties in using this latest technology are the content creators, digital marketers, and of course businesses interested in creating rapid content, that enhances engagement and satisfies the needs of prospective customers.

However, this powerful technology has shortened the processes of producing content. But again human creativity plays a crucial role in delivering authentic and natural texts.

By producing content based solely on its power, content creators might be at risk. We will list some possible harms of AI content replacing human touch:

  1. Your work can not be considered original, in this case, it misses the authorship rights.
  2. It doesn’t include any natural language and also the content might be inaccurate and lead to false information.
  3. There are various ethical implications such as plagiarism issues.
  4. Its overuse can lead to privacy violations if the data is not adequately protected.
  5. We can use it to collect data, but texts generated from AI do not include any analysis.

After having listed these potential risks, we comprehend the cons of using AI nowadays. In short terms, it serves as a really helpful tool, if used sensibly by people. Therefore, anyone must carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of it before making use of AI content generated software.

AI Content Replacing Human

5 Best Free AI Content Generator Tools

AI content generators are software that can automatically produce large quantities of content. From a simple email to a full book – in just a few minutes. There is not much effort or intelligence required by humans to get ready-made content from these AI tools. You just need to give simple instructions and your text will be ready for any purpose you might need it.

1. ChatGPT – Free, just need to create an account.

The term “ChatGPT” has attracted a growing search interest on Google since its release on November 30, 2022. The category of GPT refers to Large Language Models (LLMs) that use deep learning techniques for extensive training with tremendous amounts of data (Cascella et al., Citation2023).

The capabilities of ChatGPT are enabled by generative AI. It refers to a type of AI that can generate human-like text and creative content. ChatGPT passed the Turing test by fooling people into believing that its responses were from humans rather than machines/AI (Woolf, Citation2022).

Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, offers potential applications in a variety of industries including business, education, healthcare, and content generation. Several benefits come from its use: For example, it can function as a chatbot to offer customer service, serve as a virtual assistant to help customers complete specific tasks, carry out accounting and human resource tasks, and generate advertisements or ideas for marketing.

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2. COPY.AI- Free to Use.

Copy AI is a sophisticated digital tool that learns, adapts, and crafts content that resonates with human readers. Copy AI can craft a wide array of content types. But writers must ensure they have the right words for any occasion.

In addition, it can easily be integrated with other platforms and tools. This seamless integration ensures a smooth content creation process. Especially for businesses and digital marketers who have to produce countless amounts of content.

CopyAI - AI Content Replacing Human

3. Writesonic- You can get started with 10.000 words for free and No Credit Card is required.

Writesonic is an intelligent writer! It can create blog posts and articles, ads and marketing copy, product descriptions, business bios, and more. It helps to generate high-quality content for businesses and writers. Writesonic was created in 2020 by Samanyou Garg.

Writesonic boasts over 100 tools and templates for content creation. Some of them are: Product descriptions, Amazon product titles, Google ads, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn ads. It even features a Story Generator tool for creative writing, an AI art generator for creating original digital art, and an AI chatbot builder for business websites.

As a result, it’s created for content writers, bloggers, copywriters, creative writers, and businesses of all sizes. Don’t miss the chance to try out all these features it offers, by simply signing up with your full name and email or using your Google or Apple account.

4. Simplified – You get started for Free and no credit card is required

If you are a content marketer looking to write dozens of materials in just a few minutes, then this tool will save your life and time. After looking for key features of this digital tool, we found that this platform wraps together several marketing essentials into a single package. Ultimately allowing users to design, write marketing copy, create videos, collaborate, and publish directly to social platforms. Including WordPress and Shopify, all from the same place – all for free.

Simplified: AI Content Replacing Human

5. Paragraph AI- Free Plan + 7-Day Free Trial

In case you need a helping hand to formulate a formal email, then choose the free plan of this tool. We discovered that by providing the email subject, sender and recipient names, and outlined body content, it can generate a complete and coherent email without costing you anything.

Isn’t this fantastic news for those that work in email marketing? You’ll be crafting emails in the frame of a second and the recipients will be amazed by your work. Apart from email marketing,  it is also an effective way to promote your blogs, products, and/or services.

To sum up, many researchers are publishing their findings in the most influential academic journals and are analysing their findings on this current topic. However, in this article, we would like to draw some conclusions based on the research by scientists.

Based on important assumptions, jobs that were done only by humans several years ago, now are being automated due to AI technology. Some studies suggest that it cannot conduct highly creative and knowledge-intensive tasks.

Yet, algorithms have generated creative art pieces that even art critics could not distinguish from human-drawn paintings. For this reason, we would like to mention that it is hard to make a difference. But we can easily search for AI content detection tools. If we are interested in discovering whether it’s a text generated by human minds or intelligent software.

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